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A high specialised document transportation system.

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The telelift system is a mini mono-rail system for movements of goods and documents.  The cars can travel horizontally, vertically, and upside down.  Telelift is an automated conveyor system using self propelled electronic cars on extruded aluminium track.

By reducing manual deliveries staff can be released for other duties.  This aslo frees passage way and lifts and lessens wear and tear on fixtures.

The system has a rail layout with tight curves and bends which allows outstanding flexibility for installation into existing or new buildings alike.  The sysem or parts of it can be extended or adapted to new requirements at any time.

Key Features

-          All cars in the system can travel simultaneously resulting in a high transport capacity

-          The standard car is the size of a small suitcase and has a clear swing up lid

-          Cars are despatched from any point to any other point

-          The system can be custom designed for individual customers

-          Can included in a new build or retrofit

-          Cars can carry up to a 10kg load

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