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These are installed extensively throughout hospital and supermarkets, there are three common styles of tube systems installed:

  • A point to point system.  This where there is one station at either end of the sysem, and carriers are sent to and from each station
  • A Cashair 1000+ system.  This is where there is a main receive station where receives from multiple send station
  • A multi send receive system.  This system can have hundreds of stations and when sending you can select the destination that you are sending to

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AC3000 Multi Station Tube Systems

AC3000 Carrier Being Loaded

This is largest and most complex form of the tube system.  Any station can send to any station and the system can cater for up to 512 stations and 64 separate zones.

These systems are used most extensively in the New Zealand hospitals and are used for sending documents, drugs, lab specimens, blood plasma, injection vials, and instruments.  The systems can go between multiple buildings within the hospital using service tunnels.



The concept of a pneumatic tube system is an old one but they now use modern technology to create greater efficiencies and options, these are:

  • Secure remote service (allowing maintenance and service of the system via the internet)
  • RFID carrier tracking
  • Automatic carrier return system
  • Automatic carrier empty system
  • Empty carrier storage and call from storage
  • Slow speed for transport of sensitive goods
  • Connection to paging or building management systems for fault status
  • Connection to fire alarm system to disable tube system in case of fire

The standard features of this systems are:

  • System can cater for up to 512 stations on 64 separate zones
  • Monitoring & carrier flow displayed in graphics on PC
  • Statistics of all sending & receiving
  • Real time clock
  • Automatic clearing cycle
  • Automatic carrier diversion
  • Station off/on between allocated times
  • Preventative maintenance indication
  • Station grouping, which allows control over which stations can send to where
  • Carrier braking at stations to ensure a soft landing

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Cashair 1000+

Cashair 1000+

Developed in New Zealand using our extensive experience we have brought together the best features of cash transfer systems around the world and tailored them to New Zealand’s needs. 

The cashair 1000+ system is a safer and more efficient than traditional cash handling techniques.  It allows your staff to regularly remove excess cash from their register and allows the cash counting office to work efficiently throughout the day.

While the name Cashair implies that it can be only used for cash, there are various diameters of systems available to suit other uses. Diameters available are 80mm, 90mm, 110mm & 160mm.

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Point to Point Tube System

Point to Point Tube System

A simple transportation system for connecting two points, which could be from floor to floor or between distant points.  

With a range of carriers from 60mm to 300mm diameter available the system can be used for; cash, small parts, documents, laboratory samples, packing slips, mail.

Benefits of the point to point systems are:

  • Saves money
  • Quickest transfer system available
  • One step push button operation
  • Fits into ceilings and wall cavities




Features of the system are:

  • Can transport carriers in both directions in the one tube
  • For high traffic capacity tow tubes can be used, one for sending and one for receiving
  • Carriers can be sent to separate building by an aerial or underground route
  • Tube length is virtually unlimited
  • Carrier has a soft landing
  • Choice of arrival indicators
  • Hot or cold payload

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